I’m imperfect and i am proud.
Everyone has flaws everyone has to face them, even when they try to hide them.

I am build with imperfection, and it makes me someone who you don’t want to be, but this is me.
Let’s start from the top. on the tip of my head i grow my hair, that right now are very destroyed…too much dye, maybe bad care. Shifting my finger down my face, let’s talk about my face. Unregulated eyebrows, big bulbous nose with huge holes, my lip corners naturally are facing down unless i smile then i revile a small gap between my lower teeth. There’s lot of pores and sometimes red dots, but it’s my face and i love it the most. I’m still contused when it comes to my body…There’s more days i hate it then feel grace for it. I change my shirt and i see stretchmarks on one if my arms, arms that are floppy and droopy. My whole skin is covered in scars and red stars. I do have cellulite and i do have rolls on my back, “man” hands, big thighs…All of this is attached to me, am will never leave. And it’s alright. It’s just a spacecraft, in which inside is pounding my heart.DSCN7353


blue hair

If i was to choose the one person i’d say goodnight to, i would pick you. the person i see everyday, the one that sings to me when i’m in pain, the one person that knows where to go, when people put me in the corner.. I would pick you, who knows all the spikes and who’s shadow is more similar to mine. You, the person in reflection that i see every morning… in the bathroom.


With love

Little Moth



Proud of being imperfect

I was not designed to love my body, I was not thought to see myself as a high quality person. It was a hard ride, and in the way i lost hope in humanity. There was no one to take my 6 year old hand and say “you are bigger then the words that come from peoples uncensored mouths.”  I wish more could reach the point where they recognize what is worth and what is not. Because at the end you will be left with a bitter thought that you haven’t been  good enough.


with love

Little Moth

I dye my hair grey.

I’ve dyed my hair 2 weeks ago but just now i decided to put together a video.

There’s always something interesting and refreshing in creating your own image. As i’m into black and white photography i thought it would be a wonderful idea for me to have white/grey hair and black clothes,and i was right. As my beauty type is kind of heavy, minimal decoration around it looks very good.

I have a bit of a tummy ache at the moment i write this, so i’ll go make myself some chamomile tea and watch “Friends” all over again.

I wish you all a great evening, and goodnight

with love

Little Moth