Easter Painting!



Postcard from space!


I went to the art supply shop looking for a case where i could hold all my paint brushes, and i saw this tiny block of paper, I picked it up to look closer and it said that it’s “20 postcards for watercolor”. Thought it would be fun to paint on something tiny like that! so here we are, with my first postcard from space.

Swiss Army Man

If you haven’t seen yet i recommend you will. A movie from 2016 called “Swiss Army Man” is a lesson of life, love, friendship and laughter. You live to not forget your life, you need to remember your life…I invite you to watch my take on a portrait of Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe playing as Hank and Manny.


With love

Little Moth

blue hair

If i was to choose the one person i’d say goodnight to, i would pick you. the person i see everyday, the one that sings to me when i’m in pain, the one person that knows where to go, when people put me in the corner.. I would pick you, who knows all the spikes and who’s shadow is more similar to mine. You, the person in reflection that i see every morning… in the bathroom.


With love

Little Moth



music box collection

This is a tiny collection so far, but i wish to grow it bigger. I find music boxes very relaxing and endearing. Ones from the video represent 3 memories. when i was scared, sorrowful and in love.

Hope you enjoy your day, evening and night

With love

Little Moth.